Bike Across America

CCHMC PhotoA mohawk makes a statement. It’s not exactly a quiet sort of hair-do especially when you’re sitting in a chemo lounge.  Nate’s mohawk didn’t come cheap or easy. Before he cut his hair into a single, bristling ridge that looked like it was a foot high – before he was girded with strength for the fight – there would be an onslaught of waves of escalating fear. First, there was the sickening dread preceding that initial visit to the doctor, then hearing the numbing news that “You have cancer,” succeeded by a chokehold of fear that was nearly paralyzing.  Then came the barrage of medical bills when he was seemingly already at the end of his rope. There were many defining moments in his fight with cancer but it was only the beginning of his greatest adventure. Click here to read more about Nate’s story. 

About the Adventure

Starting on October 16th, Nate will ride from the beach in California, through the saguaro desert of Arizona, over the continental divide in New Mexico and into the wildflowers of Texas.  Then it’s on to the bayou of Louisiana, across the Mississippi River, and onto the white sand beaches at Dauphin Island of Alabama.  Finally, we’ll celebrate his finish in the nation’s oldest city of St. Augustine, Florida

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