Arrival (Oct 15th): San Diego

Here we go! It was extremely hard to leave my family this morning but I was encouraged when I landed in San Diego to see Tina and Phil waiting for me with a “We Conquer” sign at the airport. Conquering cancer or anything worth conquering requires a team! Today while we were hanging out on Coronado Island, 300 Navy Seals trotted by us on the beach. It was an inspiring visual of an unbreakable team.

Day 1

Day 1 (Oct 16th): Approx. 32 miles
San Diego, CA – Alpine, CA

Day 2 (Oct 17th): Approx. 67 miles
Alpine, CA – Octillo Wells, CA

Day 3 (Oct 18th): Approx. 110 miles
Octillo Wells, CA – Blythe, CA

Day 4 (Oct 19th): Approx. 84 miles
Blthye, CA – Salome, CA

Day 5 (Oct 20th): Approx. 94 miles
Salome, CA – Phoenix, AZ

Day 6 (Oct 21st): Approx. 108 miles
Phoenix, AZ – Globe, AZ

Day 7 (Oct 22nd): Approx. 78 miles
Globe, AZ – Safford, AZ

Day 8 (Oct 23rd): Approx. 78 miles
Safford, AZ – Buckhorn, NM

Day 9 (Oct 24th): Approx. 57 miles
New Mexico border – Silver City, NM

Day 10 (Oct 25th): Emory Pass

Day 11 (Oct 26th): Approx. 83 miles
Hillsboro, NM – Las Cruces, NM

Day 12 (Oct 27th): Approx. 92 miles
Las Cruces, NM – Clint, TX

Day 13 (Oct 28th): Approx. 95 miles
Clint, TX- Van Horn, TX

Day 14 (Oct 29th): Approx. 112 miles
Van Horn, TX- Alpine, TX

Day 15 (Oct 30th): Approx. 85 miles
Alpine, TX – near Sanderson, TX

Day 16 (Oct 31st): Approx. 112 miles
Near Sanderson, TX- Del Rio, TX

Day 17 (Nov 1st): Approx. 90 miles
Del Rio, TX – Camp Wood, TX

Day 18 (Nov 2nd): Approx. 36 miles
Camp Wood, TX- Vanderpool, TX

Day 19 (Nov 3rd): Approx. 72 miles
Vanderpool, TX- Comfort, TX

Day 20 (Nov 4th): Day of Rest

Day 21 (Nov 5th): Day of Rest

Day 22 (Nov 6th): Approx. 84 miles
Comfort, TX – Wimberly, TX

Day 23 (Nov 7th): Approx. 89 miles
Wimberly, TX – LaGrange, TX

Day 24 (Nov 8th): Approx. 106 miles
LaGrange, TX – Pumpkin, TX

Day 25 (Nov 9th): Approx. 92 miles
Pumpkin, TX – Silsbee, TX

Day 26 (Nov 10th): Approx. 75 miles
Silsbee, TX – DeRidder, LA

Day 27 (Nov 11th): Approx. 99 miles
DeRidder, LA – Bunkie, LA

Day 28 (Nov 12th): Approx. 75 miles
Bunkie, LA- New Roads, LA

Day 29 (Nov 13th): Approx. 79 miles
St. Franisville, LA to Franklinton, LA

Day 30 (Nov 14th): Approx. 75 miles
Franklinton, LA – Perkinston, LA

Day 31 (Nov 15th): Approx. 85 miles
Perkinston, LA – Grand Bay, AL

Day 32 (Nov 16th): Approx. 96 miles
Grand Bay, AL – Perdido, FL

Day 33 (Nov 17th): Day of Rest

Day 34 (Nov 18th): Approx. 118 miles
Perdido, FL – DeFuniak Springs, FL

Day 35 (Nov 19th): Approx. 82 miles
DeFuniak Springs, FL – Chattahoochee, FL

Day 36 (Nov 20th): Approx. 96 miles
Chattahoochee, FL – Monticello, FL

Day 37 (Nov 21st): Approx. 110 miles
Monticello, FL – High Springs, FL

Day 38 (Nov 22nd): Approx. 95 miles
High Springs, FL – Palatka, FL

Day 39 (Nov 23rd): Approx. 30 miles
Palatka, FL – St. Augustine, FL

Day 40: Rest and enjoy my family:)